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Kathy Braud

Little Falls, MN


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For me, Art has been a lifelong journey of creativity – from using a sewing machine to expanding my wardrobe, to remodeling our century old home while raising our children and practicing nursing and, finally – watercolor painting, an activity to counteract my empty nest syndrome. When I realized this medium could capture the essence of a mood or memory or describe a pleasure, I fell in love with watercolor!
Over the years I have enjoyed my ventures into all kinds of subject matter, locations and opportunities to paint and exhibit. I have experienced wonderful people at art fairs and events in our 4 state area. I think there is power in the art we fashion, and this energy can be shared with others.
I do like to create drama and boldness in my paintings by playing with light and shadows and shades of color in between. I can get lost for hours in the creative process enjoying the serendipity of mixing paint on paper, rapid spreading of color, use of layering and texture. With a little help from a photo, I can remember why I liked a certain scene, be it peaceful or active, and in memory I am there.
Always wanting to learn more about watercolor, I love to take workshops to get a new perspective about the process. I am currently exploring a path of light theme with mostly representational art. I also enjoy experimenting with acrylics, watercolor and gouache (watermedia) to capture the advantages of each medium. I am so fortunate and grateful for my artistic gifts which help me feel connected to my divine roots along with all of nature.

Other Websites: http://www.mnartists.org/Kathy_Braud -- http://www.artsicle.com/Kathy-Braud
Contact info: 320 632 5653 h

Braud is a signature member of the Red River Watercolor Society, member of many art organizations and has held board positions. She teaches classes, participates in art shows and events in the state. Braud has been a successful recipient of many Five Wings Arts Council Individual Artist Grants for educational classes. "This project was made possible by a grant provided by the Five Wings Arts Council with funds from the McKnight Foundation." She is in the Minnesota State Fair Juried Fine Art Competitions frequently.
Kathy values professional development obtained from attending workshops from nationally known artists.
Her original artwork is for sale and offers a variety of size & price which can be viewed at her home studio in Little Falls, MN. Please inquire of artist. Shipping of original art can be arranged. Kathy Braud watercolors are copyrighted and all rights are retained by the artist.
Guarantees are in place for your satisfaction at FAA.
Here at FAA, you can buy museum-quality art prints, framed art prints, cards, and canvas reproductions of Kathy’s original paintings from original art provided in digital form. Each print is custom made to your specifications and shipped within 48 hours by Fine Art America. Worldwide shipping is available. All purchases come with a 30-day return policy (100% refund and free return shipping).


Gladiolus Triumphant 2 by Kathy Braud


Glorious Rusties and Blue by Kathy Braud


Gingerbread in Bloom by Kathy Braud


Chicken Puzzler- Where Are MY Eggs by Kathy Braud


Shadow Abstract Bloom by Kathy Braud


Flaming Poppies by Kathy Braud


Bold Lilypads by Kathy Braud


Northern Lights 3 by Kathy Braud


Coral Begonias by Kathy Braud


As I Bloom by Kathy Braud


Coatings and Deposits of Color by Kathy Braud


Secret Hideaway by Kathy Braud


Seams of Color by Kathy Braud


Dancing Daisies by Kathy Braud


Tulip Bed at Dark by Kathy Braud


Hibiscus Blossoms by Kathy Braud


The Best Dam Town in Minnesota by Kathy Braud


Framed in Hollyhocks by Kathy Braud


Romp on the Hill by Kathy Braud


Along the River Fall Colors by Kathy Braud


Scarecrow Eyes by Kathy Braud


Yellow Moccasin Flowers by Kathy Braud


Carousal 4 by Kathy Braud


Prairie Sunlit by Kathy Braud


Fancy Waterlilies by Kathy Braud


A Choir of Poppies by Kathy Braud


Rose in Outline by Kathy Braud


Feedmill in Blue and Green by Kathy Braud


Tulips Grouping by Kathy Braud


Poppies 2.2 by Kathy Braud


Geese at Riverside by Kathy Braud


Strut Your Stuff 4 by Kathy Braud


Remember the Son by Kathy Braud


Pansies in Crystal Vase by Kathy Braud


Four Clucks by Kathy Braud


Iris Garden Walkway by Kathy Braud


Bear Family in Red by Kathy Braud


Dandy Puff by Kathy Braud


Henhouse Serenade by Kathy Braud


Veridian Chicken by Kathy Braud


Yellow Roses by Kathy Braud


Forest Scene 1 by Kathy Braud


Big Pike on the Hunt by Kathy Braud


Calla Lilies by Kathy Braud


Mother and Child in Red2 by Kathy Braud


Country Church at Sunset by Kathy Braud


Rose Cluster Half by Kathy Braud


Sunflowers on the Rise by Kathy Braud